The advantages that come with visiting a bike store for a purchase

The most practical way of getting around Canberra when you are here visiting undoubtedly is by use of bikes. This will get you to most of the attractions as there is a developed network of off-road cycle paths as well as on-road cycle lanes. With the plethora of bike options having increased since 2014, you can easily get a suitable bike from a bike shop Canberra has at an affordable price to facilitate your travels. Similarly, you can buy a bike from a mass merchant or at a discount department store but a bike store is always the best option. This article focuses on some of the advantages that bike stores have over mass merchants.

bike shop canberra

Bike comfort and fit

Biking enthusiasts come in different sizes and therefore bikes should equally come in different sizes. When you visit a bike shop in Canberra, you will be attended to by an expert who will ensure that your bike is of the right size and one that has been properly adjusted to the right fit. Additionally, you will get the chance to test ride and a follow up fitting as well. This means you will have not only an easy and efficient ride, but safe cycling as well. The mass merchant options don’t offer these advantages as most have bikes in just a few sizes and thus, a buyer is forced to compromise on the fit. Also, they are lacking in qualified staff to guide a buyer.

Wide selection

When you visit a bike shop Canberra has, you will be amazed at the wide selection of bikes all coming in different models, sizes, styles as well as different colors. The fact that there is always an expert on location to coach a buyer through the entire process for finding the bike that will be best for them makes the experience even more lovable. As for other purchase options the selections and staff expertise are often limited.


Bicycles normally arrive in boxes and as a result they need to be carefully assembled and in an appropriate manner to guarantee safety and proper functioning. This is why you are advised to visit a Canberra bike shop instead of merchant stores as experienced mechanics assemble bikes in-store and then a test ride can be taken on them just to ensure functionality. The test rides, the tune ups as well as the guide they offer to customers go a long way in making sure that customers have great rides that are safe.


When you visit a bike shop Canberra has, you will witness a wide selection of quality cycling accessories as well. These include accessories like helmets as well as clothing that come in different models, colors and sizes as well. What’s more is the experienced staff at these locations will always be of help to their buyers to help them identify the accessories and gears for the bikes they are buying.

From the above discussion, it’s advisable to visit the best bike shop in Canberra for your cycling needs apart from other options.