Five reasons why you should consider buying an SUV

Would you like to upgrade your car? Do you often check what Citroen dealers Queensland has for selection? However, since there are several options to choose from, you are not sure what type of car you want to buy. If you do not know what type of vehicle suits you best, you may want to consider an SUV.

Sports utility vehicle or SUV is a top choice among adventurous car owners who love to visit the countryside. This car offers a better view of the road ahead, thanks to its elevated seating position and higher roof.

More and more people appreciate the advantage of driving big and stylish cars. This resulted in an increase of Citroen car sales in Australia

Other than offering a better view, here are other reasons why you should consider an SUV for you and your family:

1. Safety

When looking for a car for you and your family, you should always focus on safety. SUVs are considered safer than other car models, thanks to their elevated seats. They also offer a better view of the road and surroundings.

Also, SUVs have tough and sturdy frames and are larger and heavier. This means passengers receive lesser impact during a collision, compared to riding a smaller and lighter vehicle.

Lastly, SUVs such as Citroen’s C3 Aircross have undergone major improvements with their safety features. The C3 Aircross features Active Safety Break which automatically stops the car once it detects a possible collision. If you want to know more about the safety features of different SUVs, check what Citroen dealers Brisbane offers today.

2. Perfect for families

SUVs have more space and offer more seating capacity than sedan vehicles. And this feature makes it ideal for families. Aside from that, SUVs have comfier and bigger seats so you and your family can stay comfy during long rides. Take a look at Brisbane City Citroen

3. Towing capabilities

According to Brisbane Citroen dealers, Citroen SUVs have powerful engines. This gives them the capability to tow and haul something heavy behind. Citroen SUVs can tow a camping trailer, a utility trailer, or even a boat.

It can haul heavy loads due to its higher seating position, weight, and advanced grip control.

4. Fuel efficient

Smaller cars may be more fuel-efficient compared to SUVs, but SUVs’ fuel consumption is much better in comparison. Recent SUV models are now more efficient than the older models. There are SUVs that consume only a gallon for 29 to 30 miles, which is already impressive considering they have powerful engines and are heavier.

When looking for a fuel-efficient SUV, check what models Citroen dealers Queensland centres offer.

5. Perfect for off-roads

SUVs are not only for city driving or highways, but they can be driven even in off-roads with rough terrains. You can also maneuver them off-roads because of their transmission and powerful engines. Also, these vehicles also have underbody protection for rough roads.

When looking for the perfect SUV for you and your family, check what Citroen dealers Queensland has available. You can also visit and check out for more details.

Post Author: Clarion Dunn