Practical Offline Marketing Strategies for Your Business

Ever tried promoting your business through traditional marketing methods? Before blogs, social media, and online ads there were magazines, brochures, and newspapers. Businesses used to seek the services of printing companies, like magazine printing services for example, so they can produce magazines to distribute to their potential clients. These traditional marketing strategies can effectively promote most types of businesses. The trick is choosing the proper strategy so you can get maximum benefits. Here are some practical offline marketing strategies that may be applied to most businesses:

    1. Promotional apparel – T-shirts, caps, headbands, socks, pants, and even shoes may be transformed into marketing tools and then used to promote your products and/or services. Just imprint your logo or tagline in any of these promotional apparel items and wear them on your next product launch or promotional event. You may also distribute them as giveaways to your guests. This way, you’re turning everyone who wears your promotional apparel as instant walking advertiser! Make sure to buy apparel brands that are durable enough to last for months or even years.


    1. Promotional printed materials – Choose from different items like brochures, magazines, newsletters, and even journals. For example, if you have an apparel or clothing business, it would be a good idea to hand out catalogues or magazines that show your products to your target market. Look for printing companies that offer excellent magazine printing services and have them produce your regular magazine issues. If you have the means, you can even invest on a reliable magazine printer and produce your own catalogues or brochures so you don’t have to outsource magazine printing services. Aside from showing your products, this is also a good tool to use in informing your potential customers of your current promotions and discount deals.


    1. Client meetups, forums, or assemblies – One of the most effective ways to discover what your target market needs is to ask them directly through forums, assemblies, parties or any social gathering that is appropriate with the nature of your business. This is the perfect time to get to know your target clients better so you’ll know what kinds of services to offer them and how to address other needs. Marketing events like these have to be planned well and executed smoothly so gather your marketing team and make sure to prepare in advance for an event that’s fit for both your company and your potential customers.


    1. Overall office setup – Yes your own office or shop can be a marketing tool too! Check your office or shop signage and see if it needs to be repaired or improved. Place free pamphlets, brochures and other visual aids inside your office so clients that walk in may take them.


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