The importance of pre employment medical assessments for your business

For every business, it is important that your employees are not only competent but also in their best condition to perform efficiently. So, aside from ensuring the people you hire are some of the best in their respective fields, you also need to make sure they are healthy. This is where pre employment medical assessments come in.

So, how do these tests help your company in particular?

  • You can gather detailed information about your potential candidates with regards to their overall health.

Fundamentally, medical tests are required to ensure that every potential job candidate is examined and verified to be in the best condition for the work. Various tests are included in the robust process to ensure that an individual is fit for the job, such as blood pressure readings, body mass index calculations, lung function test, audiometry or hearing test, eye test, as well as toxicology test or drug screening.

With all of these, you will be able to gather complete health information about an individual.

  • You will know which candidates are fit for physical demanding work and which are not.

If your business involves physical demanding jobs, then it is important to ensure that your potential applicants can handle them. For example, if you are a contractor serving the construction sector, then your people should be in excellent health.

A physical exam will allow you to know if they can function physically to complete the tasks they will be assigned to.

  • You will know that your applicants do not use illegal drugs.

Pre employment medical exams typically include drug testing so you will know if an applicant is recently using any illegal drug. This test is essential no matter what business you are running. After all, a person who is under the influence of any type of drug could not perform properly or would be prone to errors.

  • You help individuals become aware of conditions they do not know they have.

While you should conduct medical assessments for the sake of your business, you are also helping candidates become aware of unknown health conditions that they might have. You alert them about existing medical conditions that went unnoticed, putting them in a good position to seek early treatment. More here Resile

  • You can establish a good health management system.

Aside from ensuring that your people are all fit for work, conducting medical screenings in the recruitment process will allow you to gradually build a good health management system for your company. As you go on running your business, you reduce workplace incidents, protect the health of your existing employees, and lower your insurance premiums. On top of these, you are showing your people that you care.

Conduct pre employment medical assessments with Resile  

Medical screenings before employment are not only important, but they are a must if you want to hire the best people to help you run your business. Just remember to facilitate them with the help of professionals so you will be able to conduct all relevant procedures and ensure accuracy of the results.

On that note, you can choose Resile. They offer a complete package to ensure your workforce is fit to work. They design health, safety, and productivity programmes according to your organisation’s specific needs. From pre employment medical tests to monitor the wellness of your existing employees, they can help your company in many ways.

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