Using residential polystyrene products: Everything you need to know

Many consumer goods of today contain polystyrene. Specifically, this material is used in products that require clarity, such as plastic packaging and some pieces of houseware. In this article, you will know some important information about residential polystyrene products.


What is polystyrene?
Polystyrene is created by polymerizing styrene, which is a chemical used in manufacturing various kinds of products. The chemical can be found naturally in cinnamon, strawberries, coffee, and beef.


For industrial purposes, the chemical is made into a foam material, which is called extruded polystyrene (XPS) or expanded polystyrene (EPS), which is used in insulation and cushioning products.


When combined with various additives, colourants, or other plastics, foam polystyrene is found in a wide range of products, including protective packaging materials, appliances, surfboards, automotive parts, polystyrene cake dummies, and road stabilisation systems.


What are some examples of residential polystyrene products?


Air conditioning systems, refrigerators, microwave ovens, blenders, and vacuum cleaners are often are made with solid and foam polystyrene because it does not react with other materials, lasts long, and is cost-effective.


With its functional and aesthetic qualities, polystyrene is used in creating the housing and other parts of electronic products such as computers and internet technology (IT) equipment.


Automotive parts
You will find solid and foam polystyrene in many car parts such as instrument panels, knobs, instrument panels, door panels, sound dampers, and child protective seats.


Packaging material


Mostly in plastic form, polystyrene is used to create packaging materials to protect various consumer goods and prevent them from damage or spoilage. Good examples of these materials are DVD cases, shipping boxes, and poultry trays.


Insulation products
Ever wondered what builders use to insulate your home? They use EPS insulation products, which most likely come as lightweight foam. With its flexibility, it is easily installed in your home’s walls and roof.


How safe is polystyrene when used in consumable goods?
For every material that is used in packaging food products, it should be proven to be safe. Fundamentally, authorities approve a material to be safe based on the content of the material itself and safety levels of exposure to substances that may contaminate food.


As for polystyrene products, they are determined by the government of Australia as safe to use in contact with food.


In fact, there are many other benefits to using it.
For example, the food service packaging from polystyrene products manufacturers is discovered to help reduce food-borne illnesses in homes and other places, such as restaurants, schools, and hospitals.


Also, polystyrene food packaging is preferred by business in the food industry because it is found to work better than its alternatives. In a way, it preserves food better.


Moreover, creating items made of polystyrenes, such as plates, cups, and containers requires significantly less energy because of the material’s much lower weight.


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