Vital Aspects of a Professional CV

In general, a professional CV is in certain ways quite similar to a resume. That said it offers an even more detailed and comprehensive account of one’s history and achievements and could be contained in multiple pages. One has to take account of several crucial points before making one as indicated below:

  • The font size used should range between 10 and 12, which is the recommended one. Font size of name can be somewhat large, however.
  • It is important including name and page number on each page.
  • Always include the organization, date, job title, location and description of all activities performed. The skills you have acquired and developed in each particular case of all your experiences also need be mentioned in brief.
  • It is vital to be positive and honest concerning all your skills, experience and capabilities.
  • Remember proofreading your grammar, syntax and punctuation to ensure flawlessness.
  • Each bullet point should begin with an action verb and you must employ meaningful and descriptive verbs too.

Main CV Sections

The main sections of a professional CV include:

  • Contact Information such as phone number, address and email
  • It may as well include LinkedIn Profile and Website, if available

Education details

Details of education must include the information which follows below:

  • List of all educational qualifications attained to date, with the most recent coming up first
  • Clear mention of location, institution, year of graduation and degree, together with GPA
  • Title of Thesis and Dissertation as well as the advisor


Experience can be divided into a number of categories easily. They include professional experience, volunteer experience, relevant experience and teaching experience, among various other forms of experience deemed suitable:

  • Includes job organization, dates, ob title, location and description
  • The description needs to at all times be bulleted into sentence fragments starting with very strong action verb
  • You may elaborate, but do ensure observing specificity

Additional sections

Different additional sections possible include research interests, presentations, publications, professional associations, honors, awards as well as fellowships. You may include the courses taken, foreign languages learnt, certifications, additional information and diverse professional references which could suit the job for which you are applying. Think as well about including community or social service information within this section.

Regardless of how the economy looks, having a good resume always comes as an advantage to anyone. In most situations, its bearer ends up securing the ideal job desired at a certain time. Displaying your credentials in a sterling manner is a brilliant way of fronting your skills and competencies when seeking for employement.

At times, it may be also necessary outsourcing specialized services when looking to produce an executive bio. Always know that employers maintain a keen eye on the CVs of potential employees. Professional CV writers are capable of highlighting your strengths in emphatic ways to help you pitch to prospects in style.

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